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"She was unable to drive more than a few blocks from home because of her memory impairment...

Dr. Sullivan's careful testing, thorough analysis, and cogent testimony persuaded the judge to rule that the client could not sustain meaningful employment." —Sue Baker, Esquire

Neuropsychology: Evaluating Brain Injuries

Dr. Thomas Sullivan is a board certified neuropsychologist based in Cincinnati who specializes in the forensic evaluation of brain injured children and adults. Trained at Yale University, Dr. Sullivan created the Cincinnati Bengals' head injury management program in 1998, and was its Director for 12 years. He consulted to the NFL in the start-up phase of their head-injury assessment program in 2011, and returned to the Bengals in 2012 as Co-Director. He has consulted to the Miami University, the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks, and many college and high school athletic programs regarding their concussion management services.

Independent Medical Evaluation and Legal Testimony

Dr. Sullivan has performed independent medical evaluations for the plaintiff and defense in more than 300 suits involving:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • perinatal (birth) injury
  • toxic encephalopathy
  • emotional effects of trauma