Clear and Compelling Testimony for the Plaintiff and Defense

Dr. Sullivan has testified in numerous venues, both for the plaintiff and the defense. He has consistently been successful in helping juries understand the implications of the neuropsychological aspects of cases before them. For example, Dr. Sullivan recently testified on behalf of the defense, taking a position that was contrary to that of a board certified psychiatrist who testified for the plaintiff. Dr. Sullivan used plain language and illustrative examples to convey his message clearly. The defense prevailed at trial.

Engaging, Persuasive Speaker

Recognized as an outstanding teacher and public speaker, Dr. Sullivan has broad experience in providing complex information to lay audiences. He previously served as an instructor in a jet engine factory, teaching unionized factory workers how to use machine tools. This involved the need to first establish credibility and then win over the audience with his persuasive yet unassuming style. He also taught for many years in the Evening College at the University of Cincinnati, establishing a reputation as a teacher whose classes filled quickly. He consistently earned superior teacher ratings in both venues. He currently counsels dozens of clients with developmental or learning impairments. In all of these settings, Dr. Sullivan has been lauded for his ability to convey complex information in terms that are easily understood.

Dr. Sullivan's deposition testimony clearly convinced the opposing party that we had a well prepared, credible expert who would relate well with jurors.” —George Barnett, Esq.